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Skeletal Earth - "Eulogy For A Dying Fetus" (1991)

Год: 1991 
Направление: Old School Death/Thrash Metal
Страна: США


  1. Intro
  2. No Room for Mortals
  3. Dying by the Dollar
  4. Generations of the Lame
  5. Vegetable
  6. Psych
  7. Animated Lifestyles
  8. Skank or Rot
  9. You Really Got Me (The Kinks cover)
  10. I Wanna Puke
  11. Generic Ruins
  12. System Slut
  13. You're the Subject
  14. Third World Vacation
  15. Fat Maggot
  16. Even the Water Reeks
  17. No Fucking Way
  18. Chainsaw Sodomy
  19. Fucking You


Мощный, мрачный альбом, выдержанный в лучших традициях американской метал-сцены конца 80х. Несмотря на то, что Skeletal Earth играли death/thrash старой школы, по идеологии и эстетике они были гораздо ближе к политическому грайнду типа Napalm Death. К сожалению, группа распалась в 1994 году после того, как ее лидер заболел христозом головного мозга.

Большинство текстов на "Eulogy For A Dying Fetus" посвящены протесту против власти денег, эксплуатации природы, полицейского произвола - и все это сдобрено черным юмором:

"Warm blood meant to be flowing 
Are just spots on concrete
Once a living thing
Now a dead pulp under a sheet

Thoughts and dreams are denied
As they level the countryside
We are just numbers kept in a bank... 

Living by the dollar
Dying by the dollar
Take the innocent
Take the infants

Teach from birth
Hate for life
Love for money
The only love in life..."

"I don't understand how people can piss their future away,
Short term profit can't compensate for global suicide
Maybe if they'd wake up and smell the volatile coffee,
Maybe we would stand a chance with life as we know it
I walk along the shore and try not to step on any rotten corpses of dead fish that litter the beach -
First victims of our chemical forces
I can't look away, this carnage, this atrocity
Bring on the waves of death
Fall bearers of the toxic tide
I dare not swim, the dioxidized water will shred my skin
And the oil spills hazardous to health
We dump and dump and dump like kids with worn out toys
There's not a way out and we don't give a fuck
Oceans of cruelty reigns supreme
Putrid growth starts to climb
Vile orgasm exploding
Even the water reeks
Call it careless, call it ignorance
Put it in the sky, liquidate shit
It reeks..."

"Breeding of your ignorance
Spawned by insecurities
Badge of law gives you the balls to abuse your authority
- I'm a cop, I'll kick your ass!
- No, you're a redneck piece of trash!
Soon to be outnumbered and back in a corner
Strap on the chainsaw, it's time to sodomize!
Pants to your ankles pig!
Here's mud in your eye!

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